Writing That Sells

Words Can Convince, Persuade, Educate, and Entertain...

Having compelling content that attracts and engages your audience is a crucial piece to the marketing puzzle, it can keep people interested in your business/product, or convince them to sign up for those weekly newsletters. Whether it’s a sales copy for a new iPhone, or simply a blog post about how to pull weeds from your garden, writing carries the power to create that personal connection between yourself and your audience.

Using words to involve your audience in your story helps them visualize what it is your presenting to them, putting them in a place where they see themselves using that new iPhone or tugging at the base of a weed to get the roots up. Perhaps they’re on the edge of purchasing the new phone, but not 100% sold yet, a few finely crafted words might be all it takes to get them on board.

Informing readers of the pros and cons of having, or not having a product or service allows them to imagine what life is like, and not like with or without it. Imagine your interested in purchasing a new watch, what is it that your looking to use it for? Obviously this will depend on the watch your interested in, smartwatch for the fitness features, or a stylish analog classic for the dapper look?

As a writer, it’s important to understand not only the product but more importantly WHO is going to be interested in this particular product, this is your target audience. Knowing your audience allows for you to connect with them on that personal level, understanding what they’re looking for in the product and why they are searching for it. Once you understand this you can write to them directly, highlighting key features and benefits of the product that meet their needs and ideally end their search.

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