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8 Drone Videographers in Atlanta Georgia

Home to the world’s busiest passenger airport, Atlanta is no stranger to things aerial. With a rich culture that is diverse and ever-evolving, Atlanta offers everything from food, to music and sports.

A popular location for tourists and people looking for an exciting place to live, Atlanta attracts people from all walks of life. Artists in photography and drone videography are no exception to this, Atlanta is home to some of the best in the business.

Whether you’re looking to capture the beautiful landscape from a birdseye view or sell a jaw-dropping mansion sitting on land, drone videography can help capture things from a new and exciting point of view.
Avem Aerials

Downtown by Avem Aerials

Avem is the Latin translation for the bird, and filming from an aerial perspective is what Avem Aerials is all about. Working with cutting-edge technology, Avem Aerials is a part of the rapidly growing industry of drone videography.

Founded by Tanner Cummings and his wife Melissa, they focus on not only shooting sky-high videos but also teaching clients how to use and operate drone equipment.

Using creative and practical applications, they have the skill and ability to capture beautiful images and videos from a unique and captivating perspective.

Josiah Selvig Films

City lights by Josiah Selvig Films

Josiah Selvig is a master at his craft, serving clients such as AT&T and the MLB his portfolio and resume are both extensive and impressive.

Using drone videography for shooting things in the real estate market, Josiah brings a unique addition to the market. Shooting across the country, Josiah has done work from Hawaii to Atlanta.

Perspective and beauty captured from above-using drones, Josiah is truly an artist and professional when it comes to drone videography.

PDS Media

Drone takeoff by PDS Media

With the ability to work anywhere in the world, PDS media is a drone flying powerhouse. With a team dedicated to using the latest technology, their goal is to make sure that your project has the edge to stand out.

The team at PDS media is stacked with talent in the drone videography field, from individuals working on blockbuster films to national geographic, their expertise and experience are impressive.

Founded by Jason Schultz in 2017, PDS media has a passion for what they do, not only is it their job but also their hobby.


Aquarium by Dronegenuity

Dronegenuity not only has a unique company name but also delivers artistic and unique aerial videos for any event or market, giving clients an easy and pleasant experience throughout the whole process.

Focusing on saving their clients time and frustration, the team at Dronegenuity are experts in drone videography. Happily providing aerial imagery and videos anywhere around the globe.

Quality, value, and convenience make Drongenuity an easy choice when it comes to hiring an aerial videography service.

The Georgia Drone

Freeway by The Georgia Drone

Offering drone services such as construction, real estate, and even thermal imaging give The Georgia Drone the experience needed to service all your needs.

Focused on serving Atlanta and the southeast, The Georgia Drone team is professional and experienced at what they do. From ground photography to aerial drone work, they specialize in providing clients high-quality cinematic videos and photos.

Stunning aerial images provide companies a unique way to connect with their clients and The Georgia Drone strives to produce top-tier aerial imagery that flys high above the rest.

American Drone Industries

Atlanta Lantern parade by American Drone Industries

American Drone Industries (ADI for short) is passionate about aerial drone cinematography, they are always flying and have done work in the film, music, commercial, and residential industries.

The group of professionals at ADI are passionate about technology and cinematography, combining skill, knowledge, and the latest in drone technology to every shoot.

Committed to bringing passion and professionalism to every project, they work closely with clients to produce outstanding aerial videos, photos, and anything else clients need from above.

Drones of Prey

Shoreline sunset by Drones of Prey

Founded by skilled pilot Jamie Hamlin, Drones of Prey is a pioneer in the drone and aerial videography and photography industry. With a passion for all things aerial, Jamie and his team of professionals have over 20 years combined experience.

As a total production company, they can turn their aerial shoots into ready-to-go marketing material using voiceovers, logos, animations, and more. Making Drones of Prey a one-stop-shop for clients seeking all things aerial.

Professionalism, passion, and experience make Drones of Prey one of the best choices for companies and individuals looking to capture breathtaking aerial material.

The Drone Co.

Downtown skyline by The Drone Co.

With over 30 years of drone pilot experience, The Drone Co is one of the original FAA-authorized commercial aerial drone companies.

Providing aerial cinematography and photo services across all industries makes The Drone Co an easy choice for all your aerial needs.

Working all across the United States makes The Drone Co accessible for all projects and content. As one of the most trusted names in aerial cinematography, their team of experts gives you a high quality product that will meet your needs.